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Cavazos Public Relations & Advertising, Inc. can be your communications link to the media. We can also teach you the skills you need to handle communications between your organization and the media. Until we can get there to help you, here are a few tips for dealing with the press in a crisis situation:


Tips for Dealing with Reporters During a Crisis

  • Any time you talk to a reporter, you are being interviewed.
  • Stay calm and be patient.
  • Ask for and write down reporters' specific questions.
  • Repeat reporters' questions back to them after you have written them down.
  • Don't volunteer information or guess at answers.
  • Use approved statements, information, and facts if you are authorized.
  • Promise a call back from a qualified spokesperson.

When Reporters Call, Get All the Facts

  • Write down reporters' questions.
  • Write down names they mention.
  • Get the correct spelling of the reporter's name.
  • Note their organization's name.
  • Ask for their deadline and telephone number where they can be reached.
  • Create a media call log and list all calls related to the crisis.
Arthur Cavazos working press row in Austin, TX

Arthur Cavazos working press row in Austin, TX